5 Benefits Of Straight Razor Shave

Gentlemen, have you ever shaved with the classic straight razor? It’s still a tried-and-true way to get an awesome shave. So, even if you enjoy shaving with one of the newer varieties, or perhaps an electrical one, you should still consider at least trying the old-school straight razor shave.

A straight razor with barber tools

5 Benefits of Straight Razor Shaving

1. It Might Be The Best Shave You’ve Had

You’ve seen the barbershop shaves in the movies. When the barber uses the straight razor, the patron’s face always looks flawless thereafter. Nothing gets closer than the old, reliable straight razor.

You can depend on a better shave because the razor comes from steel, unlike cartridge blades. While many shavers tout the benefits of multiple razors, you still get a more consistent shave from a single blade that shaves correctly.

2. Simpler Blade = Less Irritation

What’s another reason you should avoid multi-blade razors? Because it’s multiple chances of irritating your skin, creating all those itchy, red bumps. Some men worry they might cut themselves with the intimidating-looking straight razor. The opposite is true.

A single blade with a single stroke gives you a cleaner shave with way less repetition and chance of blood. Don’t forget that if you get a closer shave with a better blade, you don’t need to shave as often, and your skin will thank you for it.

3. Less Expensive Razor

You can probably get a decent straight razor for less than $20. Better than that, you won’t have to buy new cartridges all the time. Either way, it’s a good investment to purchase a high-quality razor along with the requisite accessories one time. Otherwise, you’re forced to buy the cheaper options in perpetuity.

4. Environmentally Friendly

Have you seen (or used) those cheap, disposable razors that fill your bathroom trashcan constantly? Eliminate that problem and reduce your trash accumulation by switching to a more permanent option. Straight razors stay sharp and useable much longer.

5. It’s a Relaxing Way to Shave

Even if you hate shaving, this satisfying method will leave your face feeling great once you’re done. Want to really relax and enjoy a shave? Let an expert barber do the job for you! The Barber Chair even offers a head shave and hot towel service designed to melt the stress away while you leave the shop looking outstanding.

The Ultimate Straight Razor Shave at The Barber Chair in Sarasota

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