If you have a beard, you’ve likely come across the problem of how to go about cutting it. Now, while you do have the choice of going the DIY route, having a seasoned professional do it for you is all-around better.

Now we know what you might be thinking. If you can cut your hair, your beard shouldn't be any different, but this isn't always true. That’s why it's best to get your beard cut by a professional barber at the Barber Chair.

However, if you’re still not yet certain, you will be after reading about why a barber is your best bet!

What Is Beard Cutting?

Beard cutting is the process of cutting a beard into a chosen shape and style. Without shape or style, a beard is simply just hair on a face. However, with the proper cutting techniques and the help of a professional barber like the Barber Chair, you can achieve a proper beard neckline, cheekline, mustache, lipline, and even beard length.

What Are The Top Four Reasons To Have A Barber Cut Your Beard?

At the Barber Chair, we are dedicated to providing our customer's beards with the best quality cuts. Below are the top four reasons to have our barbers cut your beard:

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1. Barbers Can Provide Custom Tailored Advice To Suit Your Beard Needs

Each person's beard is as unique as their fingerprints. The hair thickness, face shape, and hair curliness or waviness are all factors a barber will need to consider when deciding on the best cut for your beard.

Now, while you can do your research to find the best style to match your face's beard, our experienced barbers at the Barber Chair can take the hassle out of the process. Our barbers are the beard matchmakers you need to find the best style to suit your new look.

2. Your Beard Could Also Use Some TLC

As quoted by the well-known character Ron Swanson, "The three most important people in a man's life are his barber, his butcher, and his lover." Few experiences in life help act as a hard reset on the psyche. One such experience is a trip to your trusted and favorite barber chair.

Once the beard is wiped clean and the hair cape comes off, you will feel like a new man. So, why not sit in the Barber Chairs salon chair for an exceptional beard cut, haircut, and shave? It's like a spa day experience but for your head and face.

3. Barbers Make Your Beard Clean And More Symmetrical

If you ask any man what their ideal vision of a beard should be, you will likely get the answer of a clean-cut and symmetrical beard. Why? Well, no man dreams of having an unbalanced and unkept swath of hair at the base of their chin.

In their mind, a beard should be perfect even while framing the bottom of the face. This type of beard presents a well-kept and clean aesthetic, adding a sense of maturity to the individual's face and helping them look put together and respectable.

Having a professional barber service like the Barber Chair cut your beard can help keep stray hairs in check and is the best way to keep on top of the thickness and texture of your beard.

4. Professional Barbers Can Keep Your Beard In Proper Health

As beards grow more and more popular each year, there is an influx in the number of new beard oils, balms, mousse, and wash products hitting the market. But, with so many selections to choose from, how do you know which beard care product is the one to keep your beard looking, smelling, and feeling great?

Well, the pros at the Barber Chair can put you back on the right track. Our experienced barbers can sift through the mounds of products and recommend the best beard products to keep your beard in proper health.

Beard Cutting – How We Can Help You

From simple haircuts, beard cutting, and styling to hot towel straight razor shaves, eyebrow waxing, and hairstyling, the Barber Chair in Sarasota, Florida, will help you stay fresh and feel like a million bucks.

Our professional stylists and barbers offer top-quality beard-cutting services alongside haircuts. Contact us today to schedule your next beard-cutting service. We've got you covered!
















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