Check Out These Maintenance Tips for a Full and Healthy Beard

More men have beards right now than perhaps at any other time since the Civil War. These days, the fuller and healthier the beard, the better. There are some things you can do to keep your beard as lush and healthy as possible. Here are our tips for a fuller, healthier beard.


Tips for a Fuller Beard

The first step towards ensuring a fuller, healthier beard is to make sure you moisturize your face. The more moisturized and healthy your facial skin is, the healthier your beard will look. No one wants to see a patchy beard sitting on top of red and irritated skin. Be sure you moisturize each time you shave.

Second, be sure your moustache is trimmed. That way, it will blend naturally into your beard, rather than becoming unkempt and overgrown. You may want to use moustache scissors to help you with the trimming process.

If you want your beard to look natural, you are going to want to practice fading it into your neckline, so that everything looks smooth and natural. Getting a good fade is important to the overall look of your beard, so you need to ask your barber to show you the proper technique. Once you learn how to fade your beard, it will look healthy and well-groomed no matter how long it’s been since your last barber visit.

Speaking of your neckline, be sure you keep it shaved and trimmed. You don’t want any patches or stray hairs there. This is important, because the way your neck looks can add to or take away from the look of your beard. You want your beard to stand out, not your neck.

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