Choose the Right Haircut for You Based on Face Shape

We are sure that you have had a moment where a haircut looked good on you but did not look as good as on your colleague or friend and vice-versa. No, it was not the barber’s fault – it was no one’s fault actually. So what went wrong? Most likely, the shape of your face and the face of your colleague or friend are different. This happens a lot of times.

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Because this is not an isolated issue and is more likely to occur time and time again, we decided to pen this guide for you. We will break this guide into two:

  • In the first phase, we will teach you how to tell what your face shape is.
  • In the second phase, we will tell you how to get haircuts which fit the different face shapes.

First Phase: Telling your Face Shape

  • Buy a measuring tape.
  • Take a measurement of these four components of your face:
    • your forehead (here, you measure the area from one eyebrow arch to the other eyebrow arch);
    • your cheekbones (in this case, you will have to measure across from the outside or the extreme end of one cheekbone to the other extreme end of the other cheekbone);
    • your face length (here, you measure from the midsection of your hairline to your chin’s bottom);
    • your jawline (you measure from the bottom of your chin to the bottom of your ear close to your jaw; then, multiply the figure you get by two).

Next, phase two.

Second Phase: Different Haircuts for Different Face Shapes

In this phase, we will assign the measurements we obtained above to the available face shapes: diamond, rectangle, round, oval and square.

  • Diamond face shape thrives on haircuts that enhances the chin and forehead by adding width to them; this face shape has face length as its outstanding component in terms of length.
  • Rectangle face shape ranks as the longest face shape in the list of these five face shapes. With this in mind, if you have a rectangle face shape, it is best to go for haircuts with longer sides in order to fully merge all sides of your face and prevent adding more length to your already long face.
  • Round face shape are faces with smaller foreheads and jaws, and larger face length and cheekbones. They go best with haircuts that give a defining look and accentuates the roundness of the face.
  • Oval face shape thrives best with haircuts that leave more hair on the top of the head more than the sides and the back of the head; the hair on the top of the head should not be too much. This helps blend the rounded jawline and the other parts of the face.
  • Square face shape comes with a sharp and well built jawline. Other components of the square face shape are significantly the same. To make good use of this face, haircuts can go either way: shorter or longer.

Having done these for years and encountered different shapes of faces in the process, we are your trusted hands for getting the perfect haircut for your face. Call The Barber Chair today at 941-552-6255 and pay us a visit at 5340 Clark Road in Sarasota.