Common Mistakes That Damage Your Beard

There are a few habits that can really do damage to a good beard. The Barber Chair specializes in many aspects of men’s grooming, and beard care is one of our top priorities. That’s why when we see men unknowingly do harm to their beards, we can’t remain idle without charitably intervening.
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Common Mistakes That Damage Your Beard

  • Poor Grooming Habits
      • How often do you comb, wash, and apply beard oil? Believe it or not, there’s a virtuous means you want to strike in between overdoing and undergoing these tasks. While it might seem intuitive to comb and wash your beard every day, that’s probably too much for most men.
      • In general, we recommend washing your beard thoroughly every other day. This should go along with applying oil daily, daily combing (gently), only using natural ingredients in your beard, and consider getting a good barber to help you every now and then.
  • Touching It Way Too Much
      • Even if you wash your hands regularly, it’s not the best idea to keep touching your beard all of the time. Not only does constantly messing with it introduce dirt and debris, but it actually wears it out after a while. Beard hair is no different than anything else. It can only handle so much impact and friction. Try to keep your hands off it more and protect it with a good beard balm.
  • Washing Your Beard Excessively
    • Yes, you can wash it too much. Just like you can dry out your skin with excessive hot water, the same principle applies to beards. Some say you should wash it less as it grows longer. If that sounds familiar, it’s basically the same advice that hair salons give women with regards to washing longer hair (less is more!). Don’t forget that too much shampoo and cleaning agents are known to dry out your skin and facilitate dandruff. Keep those important oils in your beard by not washing it into oblivion.

These are easy things to do incorrectly. We won’t fault you for any shortcomings, but it always helps to have a few reminders of what not to do with beard care.

As always, feel free to visit The Barber Chair for a nice afternoon beard trim. Feel free to check out our gallery featuring our recent handiwork. A beard trim is a nice thing to do before stepping out into the gorgeous Florida sunshine with a fresh and dapper appearance. If that interests you, feel free to visit us soon and call us with any questions or comments at 941-552-6255.

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