Get a Straight Razor Cut in Sarasota

Straight razor shaves are one of those hidden gems in male grooming. Not every man has had the pleasure of enjoying the classic shave, but we’d like to change that. Here, we discuss the relaxing benefits and close precision of the straight razor method.
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What Do We Mean By ‘Straight Razor’?

As the name indicates, it involves using a device called a straight razor, which is a safe and effective way to get even closer to your face than conventional shaving equipment. These razors vary a little bit in terms of their size, number of scales, shapes, and grind (the cross-section of the razor), but accomplish roughly the same objective. Manufacturers usually make straight razors from either carbon steel or stainless steel, meaning you know it’s a strong and durable grooming instrument.

For better visualization of what composes a straight razor, take a look at this helpful diagram.

Benefits of Getting a Straight Razor Shave

This is not just a quirky way of doing things “vintage” just for its own sake. The straight razor shave has some nice advantages you won’t always find with other razors.

  • Closer Shave
      • They’re made with much more precise craftsmanship, which ultimately equates to a closer shave (as well as a blade that doesn’t dull as quickly).
  • Helps Skin Care
      • It’s an easier way to shave along with the skin rather than simply cutting the hair underneath it. As such, this method reduces the likelihood of red bumps and irritation.
  • A More Satisfying Process
      • Once you get the hang of it, you’ll probably be able to shave more swiftly and with way fewer strokes. In other words, it won’t be a tiresome chore any longer.
  • Shaving Like Your Ancestors
    • This is your chance to pick up a habit that your grandfather and ancestors had for untold centuries. The novelty of revisiting this lost technique is a lot of fun for many men.

The Barber Chair: The Best Shave in Sarasota

Where can you get a straight razor shave from a qualified barber? We invite you to visit us at our Gentleman’s Barbershop to experience this close and clean shaving method, so you can tell all your friends about it. Don’t forget that you can shave your face and your entire head if you’re inclined to do so.

We offer these kinds of straight razor shaves:

  • Full Face – $35
  • Hot Towel & Head Shave – $25
  • Beard Trim & Edging – $25

The hot towel part turns the shave into an almost spa-like experience. Our appreciative Sarasota clientele gives us great feedback on it.

This should pique your curiosity enough to come to try a straight razor shave for the first time at The Barber Chair. If you’d like to learn more about our grooming services for men, women, and children, feel free to call us at 941-552-6255.

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