Gift Dad a Hot Towel Shave This Father’s Day!

A hot towel shave is a luxurious experience that can leave you looking and feeling your best. During a hot towel shave, a barber places a warm towel on your face to open your pores and loosen the skin, prepping it for shaving. Once the warm towel is removed, a barber carefully shaves your facial hair with a traditional-style razor. This results in a close, smooth finish. This Father’s Day, consider treating your dad to a hot towel shave! Here are three benefits of a hot towel shave.

Hot Towel Shave

First, hot towel shaves prevent irritation. Razors are incredibly sharp, which can irritate the skin if your pores aren’t opened first. Razor burn, nicks, scratches, and cuts are common when shaving at home. With a hot towel shave, these common problems are less likely to happen because of the warming process of the skin.

Next, a hot towel shave doesn’t just remove hair, it also exfoliates and moisturizes the skin. A hot towel shave can leave your skin feeling soft and healthy because the process removes dead skin cells, oils, dirt, and residue from grooming products.

Finally, hot towel shaves are a relaxing experience. During a hot towel shave, your chair is reclined. This encourages you to close your eyes, helping you experience tranquility. If your dad needs some time to simply sit back and relax, book him a hot towel shave. A professional barber can help your dad unwind and look and feel his best.

Father’s Day is June 20. Get your dad a gift he can truly enjoy! A hot towel shave provides your father with an opportunity to relax and get pampered. To schedule an appointment with The Barber Chair for your dad, call 941-552-6255. We are located at 5340 Clark Road in Sarasota, and we hope to see you and your dad here soon!