Helping Your New Haircut Last Longer

In this day and age, it’s undoubtedly vital that you look your very best. Men’s hairstyles are constantly changing, and what’s in vogue one minute might be passed the next. If you’re continually making frequent trips to the barbershop or salon and want to make that style last longer, you’ll be pleased to know that we have some vital information to assist you. 

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Choose a Low-Maintenence Hairstyle 

This might be the easiest solution, but it is also one of the most effective. Several notable haircuts are low maintenance and will limit trips to the barbershop. A thick and full hairstyle, or something that requires minimal upkeep, such as a buzzcut, is always in style to some extent. They hide hair growth well and can be maintained monthly to preserve their style. 

Trim at Home

This might not be an ideal solution for everyone, but getting a basic grooming kit for minimal DIY upkeep is a great way to lengthen the durations between visits to the barber. You don’t need anything too extravagant; a comb, scissors, and sometimes a set of clippers are all you need to make the necessary alterations to keep your style poised and ready. 

Level up Your Sideburns 

For many people, sideburns are an acquired taste, and as such, keeping them trimmed and perfectly even can sometimes seem like a never-ending process. One option many have found to be favorable is eliminating them altogether before they become too prominent and noticeable. You just might find that this helps keep your style nice and sharp. 

Style Often 

Your partner or significant other might spend some time on their appearance before they leave the house in the morning. There’s no reason as to why you can’t follow their example to look your best. Even if you have considerable hair growth between visits, you should experiment with different styling techniques to use what you have. You might find a new one that agrees with you perfectly. 

Listen to Your Barber 

Listening to the voice of experience is an excellent advantage in any walk of life. Your barber is responsible for helping several customers look their best daily. They might have some unique suggestions that can really make you look like a million bucks. Even if you decide not to follow their suggestions, having them consider makes all the difference in cultivating the perfect style. 

The Barber Chair in Sarasota 

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