How to Decide on the Best Men’s Hairstyles

One of the things we enjoy most here at The Barber Chair is trying out dozens of awesome hairstyles on our handsome clientele in Sarasota, FL. The truth of the matter is there are literally dozens upon dozens of men’s hairstyles to choose from these days. Whether you want to style yourself after Julius Caesar or Justin Bieber, we have the means to make it happen.

Here is what’s trending in men’s haircuts that you can check out before coming to visit us at The Barber Chair.

Best Men’s Hairstyle

New haircare products coupled with a little classic barbershop handiwork has led to a proliferation of so many new styles. Some of the most popular right now are:

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  • Crew Cuts
  • Comb-Over Tapers
  • Short-Crop Haircuts
  • Fade Haircuts
  • High & Tight Haircuts (traditional marine corps style)
  • Man Buns
  • Pompadours
  • Short-Curly Styles
  • Messy-Spiky Styles
  • Swept-Back Styles
  • Ivy-League Styles

A closer look at some of these will show you that they often match up with men’s personalities.

  • Side-Parted Style: This traditional and conservative look is simple, organized, and professional. If you wear a well-tailored suit to your job, this will go appropriately with it.
  • Man Bun Style: If you’re a guy with longer hair, the Man Bun gives you some leeway with how to handle all of it. It allows you to tie most/all of your hair up in the middle-back of your head.
  • Pompadour: The pompadour is a great way for men with thick hairlines to show off the fact they have an excellent head of hair with hardly any recession. Plus, here’s your chance to emulate Vanilla Ice or Justin Bieber.
  • Caesar: This style gives a man a pretty respectable “tough guy” image without looking obnoxious. You keep the bangs slightly longer, but everything else extra short. Sometimes, this is a good haircut for obfuscating a receding hairline.

Hairstyle Excellence through The Barber Chair

Those are just a quick sample of the many hairstyles our team of hair-care pros do all the time. We deliver expert hairstyling for men, women, and children, including full cuts, fading, tapering, and outlining. Also, if you’re a guy looking to match your beard with your crew-cut, curly hair, or anything else, we know how to coordinate your whole look to perfection.

The Barber Chair invites you to come and enjoy a haircut, shave, or beard trim any time you’re ready in Sarasota. We’re open everyday but Sunday, preparing a nice ambiance for you to get your shave or haircut. If you’d like to know more about our specific services, check ahead with us any time by dialing 941-552-6255.

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