How-to Guide for Beard Fashion

Beard fashion is one of our core priorities at The Barber Chair. We know that the handsome gentlemen in Sarasota aren’t willing to cut corners when it comes to grooming quality, especially when it comes to face trimming. With that in mind, we’d like to share with you some helpful tips on how to maintain a truly dapper beard.
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How-to Guide for Beard Fashion

  • Always Start With a Good Beard Wash
      • Even on a day where you don’t trim much, you should begin your morning with a thorough beard wash. This is critical for removing any food, debris, pollen, or whatever else inevitably builds into even the cleanest beards. Not every man’s skin is the same, so you’ll have to research and experiment with cleaning agents, but make sure you regularly wash it.
  • Brush Effectively Too
      • This is pretty much the same as combing your hair. However, we recommend getting a gentler brush to avoid yanking too many hairs. All hair falls off eventually, but your goal is to take out only the split ends and damaged hair.
  • Use Clippers and Scissors
      • When you go to trim, you can do the general work with clippers and then switch to scissors for details. Particularly with mustache hair, the trimmer tends to be too big to troubleshoot. That’s where you use those tiny scissors that came with your grooming kit. 
  • Don’t Leave Your Neck Shaggy
      • This actually includes all-around your neck, but for bearded men, you don’t want to ruin your appearance by neglecting the neck area. Some men shave everything under their chin, while others allow everything to grow naturally as far down as possible. As a rule of thumb, we recommend shaving any scraggly hairs if they grow around Adam’s apple or lower.
  • Finish with Reliable Oil/Balm
    • Beard oil is critical and there are many varieties, many of which come from sources like coconut oil, jojoba, or grapeseed. Here’s a list of the 20 best beard oils to try. Whichever you choose, do it consistently to avert the wrath of beard dandruff.

When In Doubt, Visit The Barber Chair

Sometimes, even the savviest beard-trimming veteran can really benefit from an expert trim by an experienced barber. We do this basically every day as one of our many men’s grooming services. Whether you have a full beard, goatee, or even a clean shave, The Barber Chair can enhance your handsome visage.

Don’t forget that we also provide lots of grooming techniques and treatments for women and children as well. We even offer our premium services at a discount to seniors, which comes out to only $16 for a top-notch haircut.

The Barber Chair is the highest-quality, personalized barbershop anywhere in Sarasota, FL. If you want more than the standard-fare haircut, then you’ll want to come to see us. Contact us at any time to learn more by calling 941-552-6255.

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