Interesting Facts about Barbers You Never Knew

For a lot of people, a trip to the barbershop is simply part of a routine. However, have you ever stopped to think more in-depth about barbers? Here are some interesting facts about barbers you never knew:

Facts All About Barbers

The word barber actually comes from the Latin word “barba,” which means beard. Barbing is one of the oldest professionals in the world, with evidence existing in tomb paintings in ancient Egypt. An Egyptian tomb painting image of a barber cutting hair was discovered that is nearly 6,000 years old.

Barbers were actually originally known as beard surgeons and they could perform minor surgical procedures like bloodletting or pulling teeth. They could also perform castrations. Of course, they also cut hair and shaved patrons.

The first upholstered barber chair was introduced in barbershops in 1850 right around the Civil War era. These chairs had high seating and a foot rest, just like the ones we use today.

The red, white, and blue barber pole is a symbol of this profession, but do you know why it looks the way it does? The red in the pole represents bloodletting, the white represents bandages, and the blue represents non-oxygenated blood in the veins.

Barbering has been a highly developed art for centuries. In Greece during its Golden Age (500 to 300 BC), barbering was considered an art form. Many barbers today approach their work like an art form as well, making sure to give their clients incredible cuts that are flattering, eye-catching, and help the client feel as confident as possible.

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