Kids Haircuts to Beat the Summer Heat

With school vacation underway and the summer sun high in the sky, it’s only a matter of time before the members of your household of the shorter and younger variety are going to want to get out and make the most of their away from their educational obligation. But before the waterpark and other events that they engage in to cool themselves off, a trip to the barber shop for a new style can be one of the best ways to kick off vacation and allow them to beat the heat. 

Undercuts & The Crew Cut 

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These tried and tested staples of summer are simple, practical, and are sure to keep your kids’ heads cool, even when temperatures decide to heat up. A shorter style means low maintenance and a chance for them to enjoy the activities that coincide with a summer vacation without worrying about messing up their mane. 

Hi-Top & Drop Fade 

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Just because your kids weren’t around for the period of post-modern irony known as the 90s, doesn’t mean they can’t experience one of its most popular hairstyles that are more than ideal for the summertime. The high-top with a drop fade provides a unique blend of style whole providing some built-in air conditioning. 
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The Faux-Hawk 

Let’s face it–kids are known for being unconventional and not adhering to the normality’s of the world. This unconventional cut will allow your child to express style and personality, not to mention stand out with the help from this unique cut. 
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Shaggy & Side Swept

A versatile cut that’s been a summer favorite for many, this style works with long and short hair and can be utilized by straight and curly strands to pull off that unique summer look that’s stylish and manageable. 

Ask The Barber 

Style and trends change like the tide, and perhaps you or your child might not be completely up to par on the popular trends of the day. Taking your child for their routine trim can possibly be accompanied by some advice that the barber might have for the summertime. Remember–they’re trained to know and understand the mechanics of style. 

The Barber Chair LLC

For the best attributes of a traditional barber shop with a modern taste, come and visit The Barber Chair in Sarasota. With a knack for styles that are for both young and old, we can make this summer one you’ll never forget. For more info and appointments, pay us a visit at

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