Learn About Proper Barbershop Etiquette

Many men have been to the barbershop at least once in their lives. It may have been a long time ago when they were younger, or perhaps it was just recently. If it has been awhile since you have been to the barbershop, you may need a refresher on etiquette. Here is some information on barbershop etiquette that might be useful.

What Kind of Etiquette Do I Need in a Barbershop?

Perhaps the first rule of thumb for a 21st century barbershop is that you should call ahead to make an appointment. This is especially important in the time of a global pandemic, as barbers are limiting the amount of people allowed in their barbershop during business hours. Once you make an appointment, don’t be late. Barbers have very tight schedules, and you don’t want to make them run late for other clients.

Once you have made an appointment, be sure that you arrive at the barbershop with clean hair, as it is important for the barber to see what your hair looks like on a daily basis, and it is easier to see when it is clean. Also, you will want to come with a plan in mind, because all barbers work more effectively if they have a clear idea what you want.

While it is good to have a clear plan in mind of what you would like the barber to do, it is not ok for you to constantly try and tell the barber what to do with your hair or beard. Barbers have gone through extensive training in hair care, and they must pass a test to be licensed. In other words, they know what they are doing. Let them do their jobs.

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