Preparing Your Kids for a Haircut

Children a truly a wonder to behold. They’re great, aren’t they? Full of curiosity and a willingness to explore, the world is their oyster. Watching them experience all the milestones of childhood that they’ll look back on with nostalgia is one of the best things about being a parent…in theory. While the first balloon, ice cream, and amusement park are certainly highlights, others such as dental visits and doctors’ appointments aren’t so whimsical. Taking your child to their first haircut is someplace in the middle of both extremes. Fear not, fearless parent; today we’ll be going over some integral pieces of advice to help you get them ready.

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Pep Talks & Preparation

As a parent, you’re the fountain of wisdom and a guiding light through thick and thin. Take a few moments to explain what a haircut is, explain that it’s a normal experience that they’ll be undergoing throughout their life. To get them more used to the experience, take them with you the next time you have one done. Children learn from example and tend to copy the mannerisms of their parents. 

Trust the Voice of Experience 

Finding the perfect hair stylist is always a challenge. Experience is the one attribute that can always be trusted. Find a stylist who has experience cutting children’s hair. You’d be surprised how much someone with previous experience knows how to handle children when they’re in the barber’s chair. 

Speaking of Experience, Strive for Positivity Rather than Results 

We’re not saying go out and get your children terrible haircuts. But we must stress that a positive experience is better than immaculate and pristine results. Above all else, children are products of their environment, and a positive atmosphere can make all the difference in the world when it comes to their behavior. 

Your Lap is More Comfortable Than a Barber’s Chair 

Security and positive reinforcement go a long way. Allowing your child to sit in your lap during the duration of their first haircut will let them know that everything will be ok. Letting them hold on to an item that they feel comfortable with will also help them feel more at ease. It’s also important to remember that children tend to respond well to positive reinforcement. Be sure to reassure them that this is normal and praise them for being brave and well-behaved. If they know they’re doing a great job, they’ll be well behaved during the next visit as well. 

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