Men's hairstyles today are becoming more sophisticated, seamlessly blending current trends and personal style choices. This is unsurprising, considering that more and more men are discovering the power a great haircut gives.

Yet what haircut is the most popular of 2023? Simple. The skin fades. These hairstyles are perfect for any event and complement business, formal, and casual settings. This iconic skin fade style features short or shaved sides and a longer top.

Are you interested in learning more? Read on to discover the best skin fade styles of 2023, according to our team at The Barber Chair.

What Are Five Of The Best Skin Fade Styles Of 2023?

2023 brings with it a fresh new wave of skin fade styles that are capturing the attention of men (and women). Although countless types of skin fades exist, a few stand out among the rest. These styles include:

Mid Skin Fade

This type of skin fade hairstyle begins at the center of the sides of your head and back to create a uniform haircut. This means the hairstyle isn't wholly innocent or edgy, making the mid-skin fade a versatile cut for men.

Skin Fade With Blowout

This trendy hairstyle combines the elegance of a skin fade with the volume of a blowout haircut.

To achieve this hairstyle, speak to your barber about giving you a regular skin fade haircut except leaving a decent amount of hair on the top to form the blowout.

This skin fades with a blowout hairstyle and gives off a sexy and messy look simultaneously, making it one of the most attractive cuts for men in 2023.

Low Skin Fade

The low skin fade style is a fresh new take on the skin fade cut. This hairstyle starts just above the ears and provides a clean-cut and sophisticated look to men looking to gradually taper the sides and back for a more sleek and understated style.

Skin Fade With Side Part

Creating a look of simplicity, this haircut for men features a straightforward side part as a part of the skin fade hairstyle. With its modern twist, this haircut is ideal for many formal, business, or casual occasions like birthdays, office parties, and date nights.

In addition, this hairstyle is relatively easy to maintain, making it a practical choice for those who need a low-maintenance hairstyle.

High Skin Fade

With tapered sides and a back that looks as if it is shaved, this high-fade haircut is suitable for men with long, short, or medium-length hair.

This high skin fade hairstyle sets the top of the head as the focal point of this cut, so if you’re after an attention-grabbing haircut, you’ll get it with this style.

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