Straight Razor Shave vs. Electric Razor Shave

One of the great things about having facial hair is how versatile it can be. From mustaches, to a clean shave or a perfectly groomed beard, the options are essentially endless. However, in order to keep your look sleek and put together, you’re going to have to shave at some point and some of us have to do it every single day. So, are you a straight razor person or do you rock an electric razor? There are pros and cons to both methods, and here at the Barber Chair, we wanted to give you all the information you could possibly need to help you decide which will work best for you!

Straight Razor Shave Sarasota

Straight razors are a classic and timeless method. They’re comprised of a very sharp blade that folds into a handle when it isn’t being used, and are THE original razor. You’re far less likely to find this type of razor in someone’s home than an electric razor, but its qualities should never be overlooked and they are regaining popularity. A straight razor makes trying out different looks easy to do from home! With caution and a steady hand, it can create the straightest, cleanest lines you’ve ever seen and will also give you the closest shave you’ll ever have. There’s a vibe like no other when you’re using an old school blade. It feels sophisticated and elegant, making shaving a more enjoyable experience.

Some issues you may run into if you decide to switch over to a straight razor include the amount of time it may take you. Mastering using one can take a lot of time and practice. You may have to deal with some nicks and cuts at first. It will also take longer than an electric razor simply because you are literally shaving by hand. You’ll also need to invest in a lather you can use each time you shave, which can up your monthly costs and take up some counter space.

Electric razors are quick and effective. They’re portable as some are even battery powered, and you don’t need anything except your face and the razor. No water necessary! However, you won’t get nearly as close a shave as you would a straight razor, so expect a five o’clock shadow. It may also irritate your skin if it’s sensitive, which can cause razor burn and peeling. It also isn’t as cost effective as you’ll be using power or having to swap out batteries pretty often.

Here at the Barber Chair, we offer both electric and straight razor shaves so that we can accommodate everyone that walks through the door! We’ll work with you to decide what option will be best for your skin while achieving the exact look you’re imagining. We also offer haircuts and styling, beard cutting, and shampoo and eyebrow waxing to get every piece of hair perfectly taken care of! You can find us located at 5340 Clark Road in Sarasota. Stop in today.

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