face shave sarasotaOne classic shave style sits above the rest when you visit a barber shop – the straight razor shave. This traditional straight razor style uses a specialized tool that has replaceable and disposable blades fixed onto a straight handle. It is specifically designed for face shaves, providing the closest and cleanest shave.

So, if you decide to head to a barber for your next straight razor shave and want a sophisticated hairless look, speak to The Barber Chair. Our experienced barbers are fully experienced in straight razor shaves and will always ensure the best hygiene and safety practices. But before you decide, let’s take a look at everything you should know about it.

What Is A Straight Razor Shave?

Traditionally, a straight razor shave uses a straight razor to cut along the skin surface, removing the hair as it goes along. This type of shave doesn't cause skin irritation, which you may be used to experiencing with modern safety razors.

However, mastering the straight razor shaving technique at home can take time and be stressful, but worry not; the barbers at The Barber Chair have got you covered. They know all there is to know about straight razor shaves and will be more than happy to assist.

The Five Steps In Our Straight Razor Shave Process

We have perfected the art of straight razor shaves after spending years giving them to our clients. If you’re interested in this type of shave, have a look at our process below:

A Hot Towel Is Placed Over The Face Before Shaving

Before the straight razor shave can begin, our barber places a hot towel over the customer's face, ensuring the nostrils remain exposed so the customer can breathe freely.

The hot face towel aims to open the pores in the face, softening the hair and making the skin easier to shave.

Moreover, the hot towel is also an element of relaxation, creating a comfortable experience for our customers.

Preparing The Beard

Next, our barbers will check the length of the customer's beard and ensure the beard and skin are prepared for shaving.

If the beard and skin require more than a single hot face towel, our barbers will take the time to prep the beard with more hot towels as well as massage beard oil into the hair.

This step will ensure the skin and hair are as pliable and soft as possible to be ready for the straight razor shave.

Our Barbers Will Apply Shaving Product To The Face

Now that our barbers have prepped the hair and skin, we will mix the shaving gel or cream with water until it becomes a lather.

Once the lathered cream or gel is made, we will apply it to the face using our fingers.

With the shaving product applied, we will then place another hot towel over the face to further open the pores and soften the skin and hair.

Our Barber Will Start The Straight Razor Shave Process

Once the shaving product has been allowed to steam into the skin, our barbers unwrap a high-quality disposable straight razor and place it into the handle.

Next, our barber will begin the straight razor shave process. They will shave along the beard's hair grain, moving the straight razor in the same direction as the hair's growth.

Completing clean and precise movements means less razor burn and the cleanest shave for our customers without risk of injury.

After The Shave, Place Another Hot Towel Over The Face

Once our customer and barber are happy with the straight razor shave and the trimmed hair is removed, we will place another hot towel over the customer's face.

Doing this alleviates any irritation or swelling that may have occurred during the shave. After the hot towel, we will place a cold towel over the face.

This will help the skin's pores close up, leaving the skin looking bright, tight, and stylishly hairless.

Speak To The Barber Chair Service For The Best Straight Razor Shaves In Florida

The Barber Chair is the area's top barbershop, providing electric & straight razor shaves. We know how vital a clean cut is to a man, whether it be their hair or beard, so we make sure to pull out all the stops to ensure we enhance your appearance through our styles and haircuts.

Reach out to us today to learn more about our services, like haircutting & styling, cleansing facials, and beard-cutting. Find us at 5340 Clark Road, Sarasota, FL, or request an appointment with us online. Let us make your next barber appointment worthwhile.
















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