Treat Yourself to a Hot Towel Shave in Sarasota

There’s a very good chance that shaving in the morning with either a disposable or electric razor is a part of your routine. You might think of shaving as a rudimentary part of your morning and one that isn’t particularly satisfying. Maybe it’s time you looked to the past for a new shaving technique that will leave you feeling content and fulfilled and be beneficial for the skin. This is what you can expect from a hot towel shave. This classic tradition is alive and well at the Barber Chair in Sarasota. We’re a classic barbershop with a modern twist, and we’re more than happy to talk about the bensarasota mens straight razor shaveefits of a hot towel shave.


Cleaning the Pores and Improving the Skin 


Regular shaving, especially with a disposable razor, often means splashing your face with warm water before applying cream or gel. A hot towel shave follows these same steps in the procedure but does so so that your skin can reap the benefits of heat. Your face is a hotbed of oil, dirt, and other items that can inhibit the follicles, and these can accumulate over time and give you a less-than-flattering complexion. A hot towel with steam not only stimulates the stubble and hair follicles on your face, making them much easier to remove, but it also can remove the deposits of dirt and oil that have built up over time. 


Exfoliation for a Closer Shave 


Once your face has been treated with a hot towel and the stream has loosened up your pores and removed the dirt and oil, it’s time for the shaving process to begin. The cream is brushed on rather than by hand, and a straight razor removes the stimulated follicles. This results in a pain-free shaving experience without the nicks and cuts that might occur if you did it alone. You won’t believe how close and smooth your shave is, and you can rest assured that others will also take notice.


Looking Sharp with a Hot Towel Shave in Sarasota 

There’s a reason why the hot towel shave was a staple of many traditional barber shops for decades. It’s a way to look sharp, rejuvenate your skin, and have a rejuvenating experience that will elevate your mood. You don’t need to travel back in time to experience one because booking an appointment at The Barber Chair in Sarasota will allow you this unique experience. We’re a modern barbershop with a keen eye for tradition. Visit to learn more.