Trending Hairstyles for Men This Year

In real life, though women hairstyles look as stylish as you can get in the pages of any trendy fashion magazine, men hairstyles are just to die for as much. The Barber Chair team handpicked the trending hairstyles for men in 2021; go through each of them and take your pick.

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Low Fade

Say you are looking for a short haircut which has a higher length or more hair up top and then gradually disappears or grows faint as it approaches the sides and backside of your hair. This is known as a fade haircut and the low fade is one of the trio fade haircuts available. With a low fade haircut on your head, you get a faded hairstyle that is not as obvious as the rest on this list; you still get that blend but in a more modest way.

Mid Fade

As is with all things that sit in the middle of two opposing sides, the mid fade haircut is the midpoint between the low fade haircut and the high fade haircut. When it comes to fading, the mid fade takes hairstyle liberalism and conservatism and blends them into a wholesome haircut.

High Fade

The high fade haircut is the opposite of the low fade haircut; where the low fade sits low and less obvious, the high fade sits high and screams its contrast to everyone on the streets and in the room. It moves from very high hair up top to super-short hair at the sides and the back.

The Ivy League

The Ivy league haircut comes with prestige that speaks for you in corporate settings – such as the office – as well as casual settings – such as the nightclub. There are variants of this haircut, from the Short Ivy League Haircut, Modern Ivy League Haircut, Ivy League Undercut Haircut and Messy Ivy League Haircut to the Side Part Ivy League Haircut; to pick the right variant for you, choose one that matches the shape of your face and jawline.

Buzz Cut

Ranked as one of the most popular male haircuts in the world and popular among celebrities, you can get the simplicity and adaptability of this hairstyle in different forms and shapes: the Ivy League Buzz Cut, the Fade Buzz Cut, the Burr Buzz Cut and the Induction Buzz Cut.

From $18 per cut, let’s give you one of these trending hairstyles so that you can rock fine in 2021. Unless common is your thing, we will transform your hairstyle from a common style to a hairstyle that tells your story. We invite you to sit at The Barber Chair at 5340 Clark Road in Sarasota or call us at 941-552-6255.

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