What is the Difference Between a Barber and a Hairdresser?

These two professions have everything to do with our hair and how they are arranged in a certain way; more times than not, they’re mostly used interchangeably by those who require the services of a barber and a hairdresser. Regardless, it is important to draw the thin line that keeps a barber on this side and a hairdresser on the other side. In this piece, we shall see what this thin line is and how to identify it going forward.

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Differences between a Barber and a Hairdresser

  1. Keep the “thin line” in context as we explore it in different sections along the lines of the following:
  2. Gender and Patronage.
  3. Hair length.
  4. Styling vs Cutting.
  5. Earnings.

Gender and Patronage

With haircuts at a barbing salon being beyond just the hair on the head and also about the hair on the face and around the jawline, a barber caters more for the male demographic (young and old) than it does for the female demographic of the society. The frequency of haircuts which includes beard shaves or shaving-as-a-solo-service exposes a barber to more patronage in terms of the male demographic but the case is not as pronounced when it comes to the female demographic and their patronage of barber salons; though ladies and women patronize barbing salon, the patronage is lower than that from the male population. On the flipside, hairdressers see more patronage from the female demographic than the male demographic.

Hair Length

With the awareness that barbering and hairdressing have evolved over the years featuring crossovers from long hairs (in the case of barbering) and short hairs (in the case of hairdressing), traditionally, it has always been haircuts by the barber for short hairs and hairdressing by the hairdresser for long hairs.

Styling vs Cutting

Barbers typically stop at haircuts and a few touch-ups here and there, and that’s your dollar’s worth. Styling takes it half a dozen steps further with cutting, chemical treatments, relaxing, dying, styling and an all-encompassing hair makeover in no particular order.

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