Common Mistakes That Damage Your Beard

There are a few habits that can really do damage to a good beard. The Barber Chair specializes in many aspects of men’s grooming, and beard care is one of our top priorities. That’s why when we see men unknowingly do harm to their beards, we can’t remain idle without charitably intervening. Common Mistakes That … Read more

How-to Guide for Beard Fashion

Beard fashion is one of our core priorities at The Barber Chair. We know that the handsome gentlemen in Sarasota aren’t willing to cut corners when it comes to grooming quality, especially when it comes to face trimming. With that in mind, we’d like to share with you some helpful tips on how to maintain … Read more

Get Dad a Fresh Cut for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is quickly approaching. It’s the one day a year we take the time to show gratitude for the fathers across the country who do their very best on a daily basis and do what’s right to maintain a roof over the head of those they hold dear. While a new car might be … Read more

How to Decide on the Best Men’s Hairstyles

One of the things we enjoy most here at The Barber Chair is trying out dozens of awesome hairstyles on our handsome clientele in Sarasota, FL. The truth of the matter is there are literally dozens upon dozens of men’s hairstyles to choose from these days. Whether you want to style yourself after Julius Caesar … Read more

Reasons Why You Should Go to a Barber

Good grooming and style are among the most important ways of distinguishing gentlemen from slobs. If you want to be taken seriously in civilized society, then it’s incumbent upon you to look your best, which is why it helps to frequent a good barber. The Barber Chair contends that there are several good reasons to … Read more

The Best Way To Trim A Beard

If you have ever grown a full beard, you know that maintenance is the most important aspect of keeping it healthy and part of maintaining your beard includes trimming it. Trimming your beard will promote facial hair growth and help you show off your personality. 

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