Taking Your Kids to the Barber Shop

Unless you plan on letting your child resemble a miniature Tarzan, then taking them to the barbershop is one of the routine experiences that they’ll have to get used to. Before you have them in the barber’s chair and the snipping commences, it’s important that the child understands the location and its primary use. Take your child to the barbershop next time you have a haircut.  Familiarizing them with the location and seeing you have the procedure done will make them more comfortable when they get their hair cut. 

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At What Age Can a Child Start Seeing a Barber? 

Like many milestones in your child’s life, there is no single age that can be determined as the perfect one for their first barbershop visit. Many of the determining factors will show that they’re ready to determine how well they sit still, and their current level of maturity. Most barbers give varying accounts of what age they feel is best to start, but many agree that the age of four is the ideal age for them to start coming to the barbershop. Making sure that they understand that this is a normal occurrence that won’t hurt is important. This will help make the process of getting a haircut much easier for everyone involved. 

Bring Those Kids to the Barber Chair!

When you feel like your kids might be ready to get their first haircuts, the staff at The Barber Chair in Sarasota will be ready, willing, and able to be of service. Children’s fashion is always changing and these days the younger set is more aware than ever about how important it is to look their very best. At the time of this article, children’s fashion trends are currently focused on bright colors for the summertime and earth tones once that fall comes around. 

At The Barber Chair, we can provide your child with a sharp look that accentuates their budding fashion sense. Whether it’s a crew cut for low maintenance or short spikes and sleek sides, we can help you and your child find a style that they’ll enjoy having. And this way, they’ll enjoy the return visits to keep them dapper and slick for the ongoing school year. 

Appointments and More

If we can provide your child with the cutting-edge style they need to look and feel their best, just think of what we can do for you. From a little off the top to a precision shave with a hot towel and straight razor, The Barber Chair is Sarasota’s finest choice for crucial cuts. For hours of operation, appointments, and a complete list of what we have to offer, pay us a visit at barberchairllc.com.

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