The Best Way To Trim A Beard

If you have ever grown a full beard, you know that maintenance is the most important aspect of keeping it healthy and part of maintaining your beard includes trimming it. Trimming your beard will promote facial hair growth and help you show off your personality. 

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If you have a full beard and it’s come time to trim it, but you don’t know how fear not, as we’re going to discuss the best way to trim your beard. Yet, you should consider visiting an expert barber at The Barber Chair in Sarasota for best results. This reputable barbershop is one of the very best in the city and can help you achieve any look you’re trying to achieve. 

Without further ado, let’s have a look at the best way to trim a beard. We’re going to look at the tools you will need and the steps you will have to undertake. In no time, you will be looking like the best version of yourself with a beard that’s eye-catching for the right reasons. 

The Tools You Need To Trim Your Beard

It might come as a surprise, but there are many different types of tools you need to trim your beard besides scissors. Below we have briefly discussed the tools you will need to give yourself the beard style you have always wanted. 


  • A soft-bristled beard brush:
  • Facial hair scissors and not regular scissors.
  • A fine-toothed beard comb.
  • Safe clippers that have none of the teeth broken.
  • A beard styling agent that works well with your skin.

The Best Way To Trim Your Beard: The Steps You Need To Follow To Trim Your Beard

Trimming your beard can seem like a daunting task, but with the right tools and the correct guidelines, you can complete this simple manscaping task without injury or incident.

Below we have provided a few of the main steps you need to follow if you want to trim your beard. If these steps seem like too much hassle or you don’t have the time, you can visit us at The Barber Chair, and we will take care of your beard for you in no time. 


  1. Make sure you wash your beard first and dry it thoroughly. It’s best to work with a clean beard as it will make trimming it easier and ensure you don’t risk getting ingrown hairs from dirt buildup that can be spread during the trimming process. 


  1. After washing and drying your beard, you need to brush it out. While brushing your beard, make sure that you’re brushing against the grain of your beard. This will ensure none of your beard hairs stand up and out. 


  1. Using your scissors and clippers, spot-check for stray or trim your entire beard to an even length. However, be careful of how you’re cutting your beard as you don’t want to go too short initially. 


  1. Once you have cutaway the stray beard hairs and your beard has a uniform length; it’s time to attend to your mustache. You can comb all the hairs down on your upper lip and use mustache scissors or bare clippers to cut any hairs that cover your lip. However, be careful during this step as it can be easy to cut your lip instead of your facial hair. 


  1. After trimming your mustache, you need to comb everything back into place. Yet, remember to comb it in such a way that it resembles how you want to wear your beard in the future. Once you have done this, you can spot-check again to eliminate any stray beard hairs. 


  1. Now that your beard has been trimmed how you want it, you can wash and rinse your beard and use a styling agent like beard conditioner or balm oil to style it the way you want it to look. 

The Takeaway: Beard Trimming

Now you know the best way to trim your beard at home. Yet, it’s a good idea to note that unless you’re a professional barber yourself, nothing can beat having your beard professionally trimmed at a barbershop like The Barber Chair

We offer a range of manscaping services at our shop, including electric and straight razor shaves, beard cutting, hair cutting and styling, and shampoo and eyebrow waxing. If you’re ready to pamper yourself and set up a beard trimming appointment, you can visit us in-store at 5340 Clark Road, Sarasota, Florida, or contact us at (941) 552-6255.

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