Tips and Tricks to Know About Fade Haircuts

The fade haircut has been a popular part of American culture since the 1980s. While the haircut originated in Black culture, many men of different ethnicities love the tailored look and classic stylings of the fade. If you are thinking about getting a fade haircut, here are some tips and tricks you need to know.

Fade Haircut Barber Chair Sarasota

About the Fade

First, you should know that while this haircut looks easy, it can be difficult to blend. If you try to do this hairstyle at home, you may risk your cut looking uneven and choppy. Going to the barber for touch ups is a good idea. Also, the darker your hair is, the more difficult it is to blend, which is why many Black barbers became experts at a good fade. It is best to find a barber who knows how to perfect the fade for dark hair. If your hair grows fast, there’s nothing wrong with going to the barber shop for a trim every couple of weeks.

There are different types of fades. If you are unsure you can tell your barber exactly what you are looking for, it’s a great idea to bring pictures with you. That way, when you walk out of the barber shop, you have exactly the kind of fade you want.

If you love the fade, you need to understand the vocabulary. A low fade is the most natural looking. If you have a triangular or a diamond-shaped head, the low fade looks great on you. A medium fade or mid-fade is the type of fade cut most men opt for. Because the top is longer, there is room for experimentation. A high fade is the most dramatic. It also requires the least amount of maintenance.

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