Growing Out and Taking Care of Your Long Hair

Are you a man who is considering growing his hair out? Or do you already have some length but would like to see it grow even more? Then The Barber Chair has some valuable advice to give you that will have your tresses touching your shoulders in no time. (Note: these tips work for non-males, too!)

Man with Longer Hair

Use Quality Products

Hair growth begins at the roots. Using high quality shampoo, conditioner, and other hair products will help keep your mane looking and feeling its best. We know this seems obvious enough, but the truth is, many people ignore the ingredients in the hair products they use, and poor quality ingredients can hinder hair growth.

Avoid Heat

Another factor that can prevent your hair from reaching its maximum length is heat. Whether the heat is coming from a hair dryer, a hot shower, or anything else, it can dry out your hair, which can cause breakage. And when your hair breaks, you lose length.

Ditch the Brush!

If you have thick, wavy or curly hair, then using a brush can potentially cause a lot of damage and breakage. A fine tooth comb can also cause a lot of stress to bouncy hair. Instead, using a wide tooth comb will help detangle and style your hair while preserving your length.

Trim the Ends

We know you must be thinking that a haircut seems like just the opposite of what you need if you are trying to grow your hair long, but it can actually promote hair growth! Even if you take the proper precautions listed above, everyday stressors, like weather and pollution, can cause damage like split ends. Split ends not only make your hair look unhealthy, they also contribute to breakage, and therefore, a loss of hair length.

If you are growing your hair out but are in need of a trim to keep your ‘do looking its best, then make an appointment with The Barber Chair’s friendly and professional barbers.

The Barber Chair is located at 5340 Clark Road in Sarasota. To make an appointment with us today, please call 941-552-6255.

We look forward to styling your new hairdo!

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