Why is My Beard Itchy?

Various reasons abound for itchy beards. When itchy beards are not as a result of infections from bacteria/fungi, the reasons could range from cutting your hair and shaving to dry skin to skin irritation caused by some skincare products. Whatever be the reason, scratching your beard promotes itching. So how do you repel this if you have an itchy beard?

Man Getting Face Shave

Watch How You Shave

A dry jaw or beard region is not the best surface for a hair clipper. Therefore, you should moisten your beard area with water or shaving cream before proceeding; this helps reduce friction and makes shaving smoother. After each stroke, rinse and repeat until you are done.

After-Shave Care

After shaving your beard, it is important to take care of it. Leaving it just there, on its own, means you will likely run into an itchy beard problem. Just like the hair on your head, the hair on your jaw/face deserves a shampoo treatment; look – and shop around – for specific beard shampoo for daily washing with warm water in order to keep it neat and prevent the buildup of oils and bacteria in the region. Afterwards, use beard oil on your beard; shea butter is also recommended.

Asides washing, another way you can care for your beard in order to prevent itching after shaving is to trim it from time to time. A hair clipper or a trimmer with adjustable settings and a beard scissors will serve this purpose just the way you want/like it.

Food Matters

Food matters. And not just food, your general hygiene. You need to stay healthy from within your body for the reflection to show forth on your face and beard. Meals rich in fats and vitamin D, and meals or healthy drinks plus water that can keep you hydrated are the best!

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